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                      Common site of acral vitiligo

                      Type:Uv phototherapy   Time:2018-11-23 16:41:37

                      Overview There are many patients with symptoms of acral vitiligo, which can cause very painful symptoms and may even die. The main site of the disease is on the face, as well as on the limbs, and it is very obvious. Although it is painless and itchy, it is very influential for normal life. Therefore, patients with symptoms of acral vitiligo should be timely. Go to the dermatology department to see the doctor, and be sure to apply some ointment properly

                      Step / Method: 1. How can patients who have symptoms of acral vitiligo control their condition very effectively? First of all, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for systemic treatment and examination, because vitiligo is contagious, and if it is not treated in time, it is likely to spread very much. 2. Secondly, for patients with symptoms of acral vitiligo, if the ulceration is found, it is necessary to apply some ointment, so that the condition can be effectively relieved. And must be treated systematically, you can properly relieve your condition through surgery. 3, For some men, usually like smoking and drinking, if you find that you have symptoms of acral vitiligo, you must pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol, because only smoking cessation and alcohol can effectively protect your life safety, no Will make the disease more and more serious.

                      Precautions: For patients with symptoms of acral vitiligo, it is important to eat more vegetables and fruits to improve their immunity, so as to effectively enhance the skin's immunity and not spread the disease.