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                      What are the clinical manifestations of psoriasis?

                      Type:Uv phototherapy   Time:2018-12-05 16:52:43 The symptoms of psoriasis are red needles of needles or mung beans, which gradually enlarge, and some rashes form a patch. The surface is covered with dry silver scales, and the scales are gently scraped off, showing small pieces of blood spots, which is characteristic of the disease. In most clinical cases, the rash appears to be aggravated in winter and spring and naturally reduced in summer and autumn. Due to the cold and dry climate in winter and spring, the epidermal blood vessels contract, the skin blood supply is poor, and the skin is dying. In the case of an individual's immune dysfunction, the cause of the disease can be caused by a lack of resistance and disease. Usually pay attention to: 1, to avoid scratching, increase the area of skin lesions; 2, to avoid strong food such as chili, tobacco, alcohol and seafood; 3, to avoid drug abuse treatment.