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                      UV is the most harmful to skin? Can also cure skin diseases!

                      Type:Uv phototherapy   Time:2018-12-13 16:30:33

                      The aging of the skin is divided into photoaging and natural aging, and the photoaging damage is greater. In the aging of light, ultraviolet radiation is the "culprit". In addition, ultraviolet radiation is one of the main causes of tanning, sunburn, and skin cancer. So, is UV really nothing?

                      of course not. Grasping the metrics, UV light is good for health. For the human body, sun exposure in the sun every day can promote the conversion of dehydrocholesterol into D3 in the skin, promote the calcification of bone matrix and bone development, help the absorption of calcium, and effectively prevent osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly people. Secondly, UV light can also kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin, play a disinfecting role, and have a great effect on the treatment of certain skin diseases. It is effective to go to beach to cure the psoriasis. In addition, UV light can enhance the excitability of sympathetic adrenaline, and it can enhance the immunity by sun exposure.

                      In addition to the above benefits, UV light can also treat skin diseases.
                      Such as vitiligo,psoriasis eczema .

                      UV light treatment of skin diseases has already begin in the clinic. uv light treatment, also called uv phototherapy, is a physical therapy technique that uses uv rays to irradiate human body to prevent and treat diseases. Traditional uv therapy in the dermatology discipline generally refers to a method of treating skin diseases with artificial light sources UVB, UVA, and UVB in combination with UVA radiation. In recent years, new band for treating skin diseases, such as 311 nm UVB, are known as narrow-band medium-wave ultraviolet (NB-UVB) and UVA1 (340-400 nm). The most active part of the uv light directly affects the affected part of the skin, with few side effects, short onset time and quick effect. uv phototherapy recognized as the most advanced technology for treating vitiligo and psoriasis at home and abroad.

                      In addition, UV light has a good drying, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect, direct killing of bacteria or viruses in superficial tissues, accelerates blood circulation, analgesia, promotes epithelial regeneration, accelerates skin damage repair and healing, and Effectively reduce inflammation, improve local blood circulation, promote rash healing and relieve pain, so the ultraviolet light treatment system also has a certain therapeutic effect on diseases such as pityriasis rosea, herpes zoster, eczema and dermatitis.