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                      UV Phototherapy cabin for full body KN-4001A/B/AB

                      Model Bulb configuration
                      KN-4001A 40*100W-PUVA
                      KN-4001B 40*100W-NBUVB
                      KN-4001AB 20*100W-PUVA     20*100W-NBUVB
                      Use typesCabin
                      Measurement1300mm*1320mm*2200mm L*W*H

                      PUVA,NBUVB or PUVA+NBUVB bulbs combined is acceptable.Hexagon design UV phototherapy cabin for full body surround, even exposure, high intensity .Each part of the body is irradiated at once for the shortest possible treatment times.

                      Microcomputer control the UV phototheapy cabinet device, ensuring treatment precision,provides treatment duration accuracy.

                      Scientific ventilation and cooling system inside of the UV phototherapy cabin device. Our exclusive hexagon design,large space for patients ,comfortable during treatment.

                      Double monitoring,KN-4001 uv phototherapy machine could be stopped working by patient during treatment,ensuring patients safety

                      Optional computer management system workstation