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                      Portable home use UVB phototherapy lamp with comb KN-4003A/B

                      Model Bulb configuration
                      KN-4003A 1*9W-PUVA
                      KN-4003B 1*9W-NBUVB

                      Exposure area 48CM2
                      Use type:Hand-held
                      Timer: N/A
                      Measurement317mm*52mm*48mm L*W*H

                      Download prescription template

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                      Price:   $269  $242


                      Simple design wand with comb,cheap price phototherapy,311nm narrowband NBUVB or PUVA uv light therapy at home use.

                      Light weight for carry,small volume,portable design . Accept power 100-240V 50/60HZ.

                      Comb for scalp psoriasis,ensure right working distance.

                      convenient for personal use,manufacture with PUVA or 311nm narrowband uvb light ,effective treatment,easy operation for home use.

                      110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available