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    Portable home use 311nm narrowband UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D

    Model Bulb configuration
    KN-4003BL2 1*9W-NBUVB (alternating current )
    KN-4003BL2D 1*8W-NBUVB (rechargeable lithium battery )

    Use type:Hand-held?
    Timer: YES?

    Download prescription template


    KN-4003BL2 Price:   $310  $279

    KN-4003BL2D Price:   $340  $306



    Hand held wand uvb light with comb for scalp KN-4003A/BL2 (alternating current)

    Hand held wand uvb light with comb for scalp KN-4003A/BL2D (Direct Current)

    Special 311nm narrowband UV lamps or PUVA bulb produced by Philips as light source ,with effective treatment for skin disorders.Such as vitiligo psoriasis eczema,suitable for treatment at home.

    AC or DC power supply two models.For DC power supply,there's rechargeable lithium battery inside ,convenient for traveling taken.

    Dustproof and waterproof to protect lamp inside,ensure treatment safety.(reaching the highest level of IP22)

    Modern treatment mode with electronic prescription

    The patients choose to cure at home according to the doctor's electronic prescription

    Download the special APP through mobile phones

    mobile APP

    it can be interactive with a mobile phone so that the patients attain more treatment information

    case management

    The powerful case management function helps doctors construct and locate the patient’s medical information quickly

    Replace tube

    Patented technology to make lamp replacement easier