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                      Home use 311nm narrowband uvb wand lamps light with comb KN-4003AL/BL

                      Model Bulb configuration
                      KN-4003AL 1*9W-PUVA
                      KN-4003BL 1*9W-NBUVB

                      Exposure area48CM2
                      Use type:Hand-held
                      Timer: Yes
                      Measurement317mm*52mm*48mm L*W*H

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                      Scalp psoriasis cure with comb,philips medical uvb light therapy for home use.311nm narrowband uv light lamps is the best treatment for psoriasis ,yes timer function ,easy operate,wand design,worldwide delivery,free shipping.

                      Built-in timer,automatic shutdown,accurate treatment. Buid-in reflector increase the effeciency of exposure.

                      Special comb for scalp psoriasis,keep working distance at 3cm.

                      Small size and light weight,convient for patients to carry.

                      110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available