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                      UV phototherapy full body surround for psoriasis KN-4005 A/B/AB

                      Model Bulb configuration
                      KN-4005A 26*100W-PUVA
                      KN-4005B 26*100W-NBUVB
                      KN-4005AB 14*100W-PUVA 12*100W-NBUVB

                      Use typesCabin
                      Measurement1170mm*1036mm*2006mm L*W*H

                      Compact design UV phototherapy cabin, saving space,26 pieces uv lamps and various combinations,PUVA and NBUVB work separately or simultaneously.High intensity UV light output reduce the treatment cycles and times but with obvious effect.

                      Microcomputer controls the dose and time to guarantee treatment precision.Color LCD display dose ,time and intensity.

                      Scientific ventilation and cooling system,wide and comfortable treatment space.

                      Double monitoring, ensuring patients safety

                      Optional computer management system workstation