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                      UV phototherapy light for vitiligo psoriasis at home KN-4006A/B

                      Exposure area104CM2
                      Timer: Yes
                      Measurement180mm*190mm*400mm L*W*H

                      Model Bulb configuration
                      KN-4006A 2*9W-PUVA
                      KN-4006B 2*9W-NBUVB


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                      Price:   $375  $338


                      Treatment head can be rotated within 90.Stable and long usage life philips special UV lamps as light source.

                      Enough exposure area.Narrow band uvb light with high intensity.Samll volume ,light weight,convenient to carry.Unique structure ,suitable for clinical and home use.

                      LCD display, built-in timer, count down function,easy operation.Accurate irradiaction time.

                      hand held design, convenient for use at home .

                      110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available