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                      UV 311nm narrowband UVB light therapy for vitiligo KN-4006B1

                      Model Bulb configuration
                      KN-4006B1 6*9W-NBUVB

                      Exposure area:525CM2
                      Timer: Yes
                      Measurement:400mm*84mm*340mm L*W*H

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                      Price:   $1500  $1350


                      Unique design, suitable for home and clinic use.Protected by special acrylic shield ,meet all clinic needs.Press-key control,convenient and flexible. Timer countdown function.

                      6?pcs?philips?UVB?lamps,?big?treatment?area.stable and long usage life philips medical uv lamps as light source.

                      micro computer control,timer countdown function.

                      Convenient for clinical use and home use.

                      110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available