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                      Derma 308 Targeted Phototherapy KN-5000C/D


                      KN-5000C Desktop type


                      KN-5000D Trolley Type

                      Technical Parameter


                      Overall size(L×W×H)

                      341mm×297mm×280mm(place handle size)
                      395mm×475mm×730mm(trolley size)

                      Display mode

                      8″color touch screen

                      Irradiation mode

                      Hand-held irradiation

                      Spot size 20cm2±10%
                      Working environment

                      Relative temperature:≤85%
                      Atmospheric pressure:700~1060hpa

                      Amount Power Density 45mw/cm2
                      Effective life of light source

                      ≥500 hours

                      Function Introduction
                        • Targeted and no harmless , easy to treat the lesions places where the traditional ones cannot reach
                        • The light port is designed with special filters to screen out the useless stray lights, ensure safety and reliability as well as easy observation of operator
                        • Treatment handle works with multi-specification-available shading sheets, realized a precise control of the irradiation range, suitable for different sizes of lesion treatment
                        • Treatment handle and the machine body split design, to minimize the weight of the treatment handle to the maximum
                        • 8" touch screen with user-friendly GUI design, make the operation more concise and fluent
                        • Built-in minimum erythema dose (MED) test function, one machine for multiple use
                        • Quick start, one-key output, easy to operate
                        • Built-in patient information management, convenient for operator to manage patient’ information and treatment records
                        • Take-away storage of patients’ information
                        • Small size, low cost, more suitable for home use
                        • Fingerprint management system allows fast to retrieve of patients’ information (KN-5000D)
                        • unique dosage mode, and optional irradiation intensity calibration system to ensure the accurate treatment dosage (KN-5000D)
                        • The optional timing chip gives multiple modes for selections of elling/cooperation on this product.(optional function)
                      Performance Characteristic


                      The screen color is more full, display is clear, touch effect is smooth, no need to do the calibration.

                      Built-in user medical record information management,convenient for uses to manage information and treatment records.


                      Touch screen

                      Case management


                      Automatic measurement and calibration of light intensity, intelligent assessment of the attenuation of light source and automatic adjustment of intensity value to achieve accurate dose treatment mode.

                      Built-in timing chip,can apply timing mode to manage the device,suitable for a multitude of product sales cooperation models.

                      Intensity test


                      Timing chip


                      SD card storage function,store user’s information,easy to check,achieve intelligent management

                      Built-in MED/MPD test for six types of skin,can automatically operate test

                      SD card




                      Through the fingerprint recognition function, realizes the patient information management, protects the patient privacy.

                       Good targeted treatment,avoid exposure to normal skin.


                      Fingerprint recognition